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Can You Share A Few of Your Favorite Quotes?

There are so many. But let me share a few by asking four questions:

Have we become too complacent about the need for confession? St. Gregory might think so: “God promises to receive the repentant sinner when he returns to Him, but nowhere does He promise to give him tomorrow.” Do we parents really think that modesty is an outdated virtue? Pope Pius XII did not mince his words: “O Christian mothers, if you know what a future of anxieties and perils, of ill guarded shame you prepare for your sons and daughters, imprudently getting them accustomed to live scantily dressed and making them lose their sense of modesty, you would be ashamed of yourselves and you would dread the harm you are making for yourselves, the harm which you are causing to these children, whom Heaven has entrusted to you to be brought up as Christians.” Do you knowwhere the real source of joy lies? Our beloved Benedict XVI does: “The source of Christian joy is the certainty of being loved by God, loved personally by our …