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An Unexpected Blessing

As I have said many times, the power of the words in this book "opened my eyes, spoke to my heart and stirred my soul". I was and remain convinced that these Truths could and would "awaken a hunger in others to know, study and live more fully the Truths of the Catholic Faith".
In one interview I went on to say that if that hope became a reality for at least one other person, then my labor of love in compiling these quotations would have been worth the effort.
Last week I received an immense blessing. At the end of a book signing, a gentleman approached me. I recognized his face but did not recall his name. "Can I speak to you for a moment, Mike?" he asked. "Sure," I responded without hesitation. 
"I bought a copy of your book," this gentleman told me "when you spoke at another parish last year. I read it real quick and frankly did not agree with much of what was in it. But since then I have gone through and read it two more times but…