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Look Up! Look Up With the Eyes of Your Mind, Heart and Soul!

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“When the Host is held on high and a chalice lifted…look up! Look up and see what Mary saw.  See a naked man squirming as He bleeds against a blackened sky; see a battered human body, writhing on a tree, prisoned there by savage spikes that have torn through Sacred hands and feet; see thorn-tortured head tossing from side to side as anguished torso labors, lifts and strains; see the eyes of God roll towards heaven beseeching, as broken lips blurt out that soul piercing cry: “My God, My God, Why has Thou forsaken Me?” What is this?  This is the Mass.  This is Crucifixion.  This is what Mary saw at the elevation of Christianity’s first Mass.  This is what you should see at the Elevation of every Mass!” 

(From  The Way to God by Father M. Raymond, O.C.S.O.)


  1. there is nothing like the traditional latin Mass,please bring back the true Mass,anything else is just a waste of
    precious time.God deserves to be truelly honoured.

  2. For anyone wondering where the picture was taken, it was taken at Eglise Saint-Michel in Fribourg, Switzerland


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