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The Sole Companion of My Life

[Another instructive quote from Forgotten Truths To Set Faith Afire!]

"Hope has been the sole companion of my life, the greatest aid in doubts, the strongest assistance in my weakness; hope, but not the hope in men, such as is thought to bring greater happiness and instead brings greater disaster, but hope in Christ, supported by the celestial promise that He will strengthen the weakest of men with a greatness of soul and divine help."
(St. Pius X (Pope) fromVehementor Nos)

Submission To Natural Law

"The natural law is written and engraved on the soul of each and every man, because it is human reason ordaining him to do good and forbidding him to sin…But this command of human reason would not have the force of law if it were not the voice and interpreter of a higher reason to which our spirit and our freedom must be submitted."
(From Pope Leo XIII – Encyclical - Libertas praestantissimus)

There Is Absolutely Nothing More Important Than This

"Next to zeal for God's glory, and zeal for our own holiness, our own personal salvation is our first and greatest duty…Salvation then is the most important business of our lives and the only one and only work of our lives.  We must work at it with the utmost diligence and care and continually and without interruption."

(Servant of God Cardinal Terence Cooke from Meditation On Mary)

[Another example of the 1200 thought-provoking Truths you will find in Forgotten Truths To Set Faith Afire! - Words To Challenge, Inspire and Instruct]

Think You Have No Time to Pray?

Sometimes our thinking is too rigid or too limited in scope.  Venerable Fulton J. Sheen opens our minds and hearts to new possibilities:

"To work is to pray.  The well-regulated life does not defer prayer until work has been accomplished; it turns work itself into a prayer.  We accomplish this when we turn to God at the beginning and completion of each task and mentally offer it up for love of Him.  Then…the task is sanctified.  No amount of piety in leisure hours can compensate for slipshod labor on the job.  Any honest task, well done, can be turned into a prayer."
(Venerable Fulton J. Sheen from Way To Happiness)