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One Hell of a Question!

If you are unprepared to face death today, how will you be tomorrow? Tomorrow is uncertain and you may not be here to see it.
(Thomas a Kempis – from Imitation of Christ)

Merry Christmas

Where To Look For Jesus

When you cannot find Me look for Me in your Mother.  Follow her directions, implicitly, for She will guide you to Me.  I gave her to you for that very purpose; and know that if you do what She tells you, you are giving Me as much satisfaction as if you're obeying Me personally.  Love, suffer and obey.  So doing, you will enable Me to carry out my plans in you.
(Sister Josefa Menendez from The Way of Divine Love)

How To Persevere In Goodness

I must overcome human respect if I wish to persevere in goodness. Never will I seek to placate men when I know that thereby I displease God.
(Father Winfrid Herbst, SDS from The Way To God)

Mary Our Mother

"Reflect on the fact that though our sins put Christ on the cross, His Mother loves us!"
(From God, A Woman and The Way by Rev. M. Raymond, OCSO)

God - Our Relentless Lover

The two greatest dramas of life are the soul in pursuit of God and God in pursuit of the soul…[T]he soul that pursues God can do it leisurely…But when God pursues the soul, He proves a Relentless Lover, Who will never leave the soul alone until He has won it or been conclusively denied.
(Venerable Fulton J. Sheen from Lift Up Your Hearts: A Guide to Spiritual Peace)