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Prayer and That Persistent Pest

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons)

It is not surprising the devil does everything in his power to get us to lessen the time of personal dialogue with the Lord or to do it poorly. 

(St. John Marie Vianney from Sermons of the Cure of Ars)


  1. The devil sure does. Why at prayer time am I making grocery lists in my head, drafting letters or blog posts, or considering world problems? It seems I must constantly remind myself that God is there and He is the one who deserves my full attention.

  2. Good reminder; he is a pest!
    I remember reading something like this: "If you are distracted in prayer, simply say, 'I have left my prayer. I shall return to my prayer.'
    If you do this and are distracted one hundred times in the course of your efforts to talk with God, you will have turned to God, one hundred times, during your prayer.'

  3. Thanks Barb and Joann for visiting and commenting. When distractions come, and they will, let us remember to return quickly to the Lord Who loves to hear from us.


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