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Pray For Those Souls Who Lock Themselves Away From Divine Mercy

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons)

Pope John Paul II has pointed out that the rejection of Divine Mercy is a conspicuous characteristic of our age.  It is a very sad reality, which moves us constantly to a conversion of heart, and to implore our Lord and ask him the reason for such widespread rebellion.  For all to see there is the spectacle of multitudes who lock themselves away from Divine Mercy and the remission of their sins.  They consider these to be nonessential or not important for one's life.  It is an impenetrability of conscience, a state of the mind that could be described as fixed by reason of a free choice.  This is what Sacred Scripture calls hardness of heart. In our own day this attitude of mind and heart is perhaps reflected in the notable loss of the sense of sin. 

(Francis Fernandez)


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