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Sound Advice - Concentrate Only On The Essential

… we must live each day, each minute of our life as though it is the last; leave behind everything that is accessory; be concentrated only on the essential.  Every word, every gesture, every phone call, every decision must be the most beautiful moment of our life.  We must love everyone, we must smile at everyone without losing a single second. 
Cardinal Nguyen Van Thuan

We Are Responsible

Many of our brothers and sisters live as if there were nothing beyond this life, and without concern for their eternal salvation.  Men and women are called to know and love God, and the Church has a mission to assist them in this calling.  We know well that God is the master of his gifts and that conversion is a grace.  But we are responsible for proclaiming the faith, the whole faith, with all its demands. 
Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI

For Those Hard As Stone

It's All or Nothing