"The stillness of prayer is the most essential condition for fruitful action. Before all else, the disciple kneels down."— St. Gianna Molla

Beware Of Incoming Missiles

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The devil is real.  We fail to recognize the reality of his existence and power and therefore we often fall prey to his many tricks.  Satan’s goal is to lead us away from God and to separate us from Him for all eternity…Satan wants us to despair, to give up, to separate us from God and lead us to hopelessness.  We cannot fight this spiritual battle on our own.  We fail because we rely on our own resources.  We fail to grasp that a missile is coming in from the enemy.  We try on our own to defeat Satan.  We cannot succeed on our own.

(Father George P. Schommer, O.P.)

Prayer and That Persistent Pest

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It is not surprising the devil does everything in his power to get us to lessen the time of personal dialogue with the Lord or to do it poorly. 

(St. John Marie Vianney from Sermons of the Cure of Ars)

Is God Too Demanding?

Is it really demanding too much to make room in our life for our Savior, so that He may transform our life into His own?

(St. Teresa Benedicta of the Cross from The Mystery of Christmas)

Time Is Ticking Away...

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Time is a gift from God. He invites us to prove our love for Him in a free and determined fashion. We should therefore be miserly in our use of time. We should use it well by working with love and intensity. A Christian should never give in to sloth or boredom. It is fine for us to rest whenever necessary (cf. Mark 6:310, but we should always have our eyes fixed on our final resting place in Heaven.

(Blessed Pope Paul VI – Address, January 1, 1976)

That We Might Hear The Voice of God

(Image Source: Wikimedia Commons ) We must fly from all that can draw us away from God; we must keep ourselves in a silence both exte...