"Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe." — St. Augustine

Do What She Tells You

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When you cannot find Me look for Me in your Mother.  Follow her directions, implicitly, for She will guide you to Me.  I gave her to you for that very purpose; and know that if you do what She tells you, you are giving Me as much satisfaction as if you're obeying Me personally.  Love, suffer and obey.  So doing, you will enable Me to carry out my plans in you.  

Jesus to Sister Josefa Menendez 

Are You Willing to Make The Same Request?

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Lord, teach me to know the obstacles that, consciously or unconsciously, I am placing in the way of Your grace in me.  Give me the strength to put them aside, and if I am negligent therein, vouchsafe Yourself to remove them, howsoever I may suffer thereby.

St. Catherine of Siena

Pray For Those Souls Who Lock Themselves Away From Divine Mercy

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Pope John Paul II has pointed out that the rejection of Divine Mercy is a conspicuous characteristic of our age.  It is a very sad reality, which moves us constantly to a conversion of heart, and to implore our Lord and ask him the reason for such widespread rebellion.  For all to see there is the spectacle of multitudes who lock themselves away from Divine Mercy and the remission of their sins.  They consider these to be nonessential or not important for one's life.  It is an impenetrability of conscience, a state of the mind that could be described as fixed by reason of a free choice.  This is what Sacred Scripture calls hardness of heart. In our own day this attitude of mind and heart is perhaps reflected in the notable loss of the sense of sin. 

(Francis Fernandez)

Now Here Is Something to Chew On

(Image source: Wikimedia Commons ) The reason why we find life so hard, mortification so difficult, and why we are incl...