God - Our Relentless Lover

(Photo©Michael Seagriff)

The two greatest dramas of life are the soul in pursuit of God and God in pursuit of the soul…[T]he soul that pursues God can do it leisurely…But when God pursues the soul, He proves a Relentless Lover, Who will never leave the soul alone until He has won it or been conclusively denied.

(Venerable Fulton J. Sheen from Lift Up Your Hearts: A Guide to Spiritual Peace)


  1. What an insight. "Conclusively" is the operative word. I've often wondered why God boxes us in to such an extent that it becomes unthinkable to reject Him. He is like water. He will find any crack in our being to flood us with His love. As long as we leave one crack, He won't leave us. But it's better to stop fooling around and get serious about our relationship with Him. The joy we experience from this cannot be measured by any worldly standard.

  2. May we never fail to thank our merciful Lord for his unrelenting pursuit! May we all respond to His grace, turn towards Him and welcome His loving embrace!

    Thank you Barb.


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