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Upon Being Tempted...

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Overcoming Temptations

[The quotations appearing on this blog each week are excerpted from my book,  Forgotten Truths to Set Faith Afire! - Word to Challenge Inspire, and Instruct.]

 One of the best ways of overcoming temptations against any virtue is to say: God is more beautiful, more desirable than this – I prefer God!
Father Winfrid Herbst, S.D.S

Responsibility For The Sins of Others

The Lesson of Christmas and the Eucharist

"The only ultimate reason for Bethlehem is Jerusalem; the only reason in God's mind for becoming a Child was so that He might, as man, die on the Cross. In a word, the mystery of Christmas is the mystery of God's unfathomable love that wants to suffer. God took on human flesh so that He might be able to endure pain. That is the mystery of Christmas, the mystery of God's love, in order that loving, He might endure the Cross.

What is the mystery of the Eucharist? It is the same. You would think that God's love would have been satisfied with His becoming man and as man living, suffering and dying for our sins. And having once died, rising from the dead and returning as man to the Father from whom He came. But no, the mystery of God's love is that He invented a way of showing His love for us not only by being with us and near us but God even invented a way of being inside of us. All of this tells us a lot about what love means. 

It Is Up To Us!

When the Mass is presented as something casual, entertaining, or improvisational, the whole point of it disappears.  If the priest conducts himself as if Christ were not truly present in the Eucharist, why should the lay people in his parish think the Eucharist means anything? Why should they bother to go to Mass at all?...[C]lose to two-thirds of American Catholics say they don’t believe in the True Presence of Christ in the Eucharist – and many of those are among the twenty-five percent who still attend Mass…it’s up to the laity to know the laws about texts, gestures, the sacred objects used, and the proper conduct of the Mass; to obey those laws; and to see that the clergy obeys them, too.  It’s up to us to call our priests back to due reverence when it comes to matters of taste that aren’t covered by law. 
Kevin Orlin Johnson, Ph.D.

How Often We Forget!

The Mass is mystery; it is the summation and resolution of all the mysteries.  It is the focal point of Mary’s life; the focal point of Christ’s life; the focal point of the life of every true Christian.  Have you ever assisted at Mass? It is the crucifixion of God. How often we forget!
 Rev. M. Raymond, O.C.S.O.

His Most Sacred Heart